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On-board experience

The NetJets on-board experience is second to none. From entertainment and internet access to catering and comfort, we will prepare your flight experience to match your unique preferences.


Thanks to low background noise on all of our jet flights, you can unwind in peace, increasing your enjoyment of the private jet experience. Our cabin pressure feels like that of a jet at 6,000 feet above sea level even when you’re cruising at 45,000 feet, which makes travelling with NetJets much more comfortable and puts you at much less risk of dehydration and altitude sickness than other operators.

Indulge – It’s All in the Details…

With our delectable catering service, you can order enticing meals at any time during your flight. Choose from our extensive menu, which features a range of snacks and drinks, as well as cuisine with the Michelin-star touch.

If you have something to celebrate, Ruinart Champagne is available on all of our private flights, and we’ll also treat you to a selection of goodies to make your experience even more enjoyable. These include a NetJets cashmere blanket, Aesop toiletries bag, Otis Batterbee eye mask and Master & Dynamic headphones.

Be Entertained

There’s plenty on offer to keep you occupied on our private jets: access our in-flight entertainment options via the iPad we provide, or download the NetJets Entertainment app to stream movies, television shows and news.

You can even control the music, lighting and in-flight entertainment system from your personal device, and WiFi is available on the majority of our private aircrafts for those who need to check emails or browse the web.

Special Requirements

Whatever your needs are, we’re happy to accommodate them. So if you’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary, we’ll make your experience on our private plane as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. We also welcome pets on our jets, so if you need to take your dog or cat on board we’ll make sure they’re also given the royal treatment.

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