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NetJets Europe is the world’s leading business aviation company. Launched in Europe in 1996 and backed by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, the Fractional Ownership Programme provides unmatched freedom and flexibility – all the advantages of owning a private jet, with none of the hassle.In less than two decades, it has proven to be hugely popular with individuals and businesses looking to enhance productivity, work more efficiently, and relax more effectively.

Europe's largest fleet

We control around 85 European aircraft and make 46,000 flights a year. With access to over 700 aircraft worldwide, NetJets air fleet is three times larger than our four nearest competitors combined.

More than 500 pilots, all highly experienced and trained

Our pilots are recruited from Europe’s leading air forces and top commercial airlines. We nurture their talent through the most comprehensive training programme in the industry, developed exclusively for NetJets and the demands of private flying. Each year, they spend 50% more time in full-motion flight simulators than most commercial airline pilots.

Hundreds of experts to support you

When you fly with NetJets, a sophisticated and complex operation supports every move you make. We employ a team of over 600 operations staff, who oversee an intricate web of scheduling, planning, permissions, crewing, maintenance, safety and security.

The world’s highest safety standard

NetJets safety standards meet, and in most cases exceed, EASA regulatory requirements. From the aircraft we fly to the pilots we employ, NetJets is simply the safest way to fly privately.

5,000 airports in over 120 countries

We fly to 5,000 airports worldwide, including hundreds that simply aren’t available on commercial routes. You’ll leave from the airport closest to you and fly directly to your destination. In many cases, we can cut your travel time in half.

Backed by Berkshire Hathaway

NetJets Europe is fully backed by AA+ rated Berkshire Hathaway. In good times and bad, you can be confident that we will continue to spend more on safety and training than any other operator, and that your investment in a NetJets aircraft is supported by one of the world’s strongest companies.

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