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Gulfstream G550

The world’s best-selling intercontinental business jet

For optimal comfort the Gulfstream G550 is the world’s best-selling intercontinental business jet. It provides total luxury, comfort and ease. Become an owner today

At a glance

Passenger capacity 14
Total baggage: 226.01 ft3 / 6.4 m3

The Pilot's View

“I consider the G550 the best aircraft ever. For us as a crew, and most importantly for the passengers, it provides total luxury, comfort and ease.” Carlos Castanheira, Captain


Interior seating length 35.33 ft / 10.77 m Passenger capacity 14
Overall cabin length 50.10 ft / 15.27 m Maximum speed 559.0 mph / 901 kph
Cabin height 6.17 ft / 1.88 m Maximum range 13 hrs
Cabin width 7.28 ft / 2.22 m Maximum range (distance) 7401.2 miles / 11911 km
Baggage volume 226.01 ft3 / 6.4 m3    

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