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Dassault Falcon 2000/2000EX

The perfect business environment

Its extra-wide cabin & flight attendant service make the Falcon 2000 the perfect business jet for your team to spread out in-flight and work in peace & quiet

At a glance

Passenger capacity 10
Total baggage: 131.02 ft3 / 3.71 m3

The Pilot's View

“Coming from an F-16 [fighter jet], I’d expected a huge drop in performance, but I was actually very impressed by its functionality. The advanced avionics system makes it a joy to fly.” Pjotrek Bellers, Second in Command


Interior seating length 23.49 ft / 7.16 m Passenger capacity 10
Overall cabin length 31.00 ft / 9.45 m Maximum speed 523.0 mph / 843 kph
Cabin height 6.17 ft / 1.88 m Maximum range 7 hrs
Cabin width 7.68 ft / 2.34 m Maximum range (distance) 4259.5 miles / 6855 km
Baggage volume 131.02 ft3 / 3.71 m3    

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