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Your Fleet

Your fleet

The world’s largest private fleet

We own and control more aircraft than any other private jet operator. With more than 700 jets worldwide and access to 5,000 airports, the opportunities for flying with NetJets are unparalleled.

The benefits of scale

The size of our fleet means we can guarantee a private aircraft will be available, wherever and whenever you need it. If you encounter any unexpected changes in your schedule, technical issues or weather conditions, our first-class support network will be quick to respond.

Flexible flying

Our private jets are hand-picked to meet our clients’ needs and cope with the challenges of flying in Europe. Whether you require a large cabin aircraft or a lighter jet, we’ll make sure you take to the air in a jet that’s right for you.

Seven private aircraft types

We have a range of jets, with each offering maximum performance, comfort and cost efficiency. Our fleet includes the seven-seat Embraer Phenom 300, the 14-seat Global 6000, and the new Citation Latitude, which boasts the largest cabin cross-section of any of our midsize jets.

Superior maintenance

Our highly skilled engineers, who are based at RAF Northolt, have a thorough understanding of each and every NetJets private plane, ensuring that all journeys made in our jets are completely safe and smooth.

Your fleet

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