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Q&A with Marc Spiegler, Global Director of Art Basel

We catch up with Art Basel's Global Director, Marc Spiegler, about the show plus his upcoming travel plans.

What are the latest industry trends? 

One of the wonderful things about today's global art world is that there is a market for myriads of art forms: from abstract and figurative paintings, works on paper and multiples, sculpture, photography, installations, videos and performances. However, one new development is the growing impact of "digital native" artists – artists who have grown up with the internet – and their impact on today's art world. Artists like Ed Atkins, Jon Rafman, Ian Cheng or Cory Archangel are all working with new technologies, deeply embedded in the digital realm. Another clear trend is politically engaged art. We currently find ourselves in a period of social, political and economic uncertainty – and we are seeing more and more artists getting involved in these debates and addressing these issues – Wolfgang Tillmans on Brexit is one of the strongest examples. We saw this in Miami Beach last year after the U.S. election, and I'd expect more of the same in the coming months. 

How do you see the future of art in the next few years?

Wow, this is a very broad question. Fortunately, there is still growing appetite and interest in art – today more people than ever before visit art museums. And the future of the art world will be more diverse. We are already seeing many more Asian, Middle Eastern and African artists slowly making their mark. That said, I feel that the nationality of artists will become less and less relevant. With the ever-more global art world, an artist no longer has to make it on the national scene before being recognized globally, so this provides many more opportunities for artists.

Why should people come to Art Basel?

Art Basel's three shows in Basel, Miami Beach and Hong Kong are the premier art shows of their kind on each of their respective continents, presenting Modern and contemporary art of the highest quality, spanning over twelve decades. If you are interested in art, our shows give you a real insight into the history and an overview of current developments within the art world. Our shows are not just platforms to buy art but also provide a great opportunity to get to know galleries and artists. Together with our partners and local institutions, we offer a whole week of events and exhibitions that coincide with our fairs. 




Click here to watch footage of this year's NetJets installation by Frida Fjellman.


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