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An expert team

Sales Representatives

Our Sales Representatives are there to introduce you to the NetJets Europe service, make sure you are comfortable with NetJets and have all of the information you feel you need to make a decision. They will develop bespoke solution that suits your flying pattern, needs and expectations, based on their extensive knowledge of private aviation in Europe, including local regulations and rules of individual airports. We have taken the time to train them, and they will take the time to listen to you.

Your Owner Services team

Our Owner Services team are on-hand 24-hours a day to make every step of your NetJets flight as smooth as possible. Speaking 8 languages between them, they bring together owners, airports, planes and pilots. Whenever you need us, our team will make sure your experience is as seamless as possible, by booking your private jet for you, arranging your chauffeur, and making your journey what it ought to be – a genuine pleasure.

NetJets Service Representatives

Our Service Representatives are there to guarantee your needs are met during travel. They are your immediate port of call for customer service, and they ensure that caterers, airports and handlers are all ready for you ahead of your flight. You will find them on-site in some of Europe’s busiest airports, including London City and Paris-Le Bourget.

Your pilots

NetJets attracts the world’s finest pilots. They are seasoned professionals who have proved themselves in some of the toughest environments in aviation – including military combat missions and top commercial airlines. Now, they are on call to guide your plane to its destination with a steady hand. To maintain our world-class standards of safety, comfort and performance, we nurture our pilots’ talent through comprehensive flight training that is unrivalled in private aviation.

Your operations team

Behind the scenes at our operations centre in Lisbon, we have a team of 500 operations experts who work tirelessly to keep our fleet flying strong.  Our experts pool their experience and skills to anticipate your every need and manage everything from scheduling your jet flights and organizing maintenance to crewing, catering and security checks. 

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