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With NetJets, you’re in safe hands – we employ more than 500 exceptional pilots at the top of their profession, and invest in only the best flight training and operations.

The most elite pilots

Not only are our pilots drawn from leading national air forces and commercial airlines, they also receive comprehensive flight training and spend 50% more time in full-motion flight simulators each year than most commercial airline pilots.

Two captains in the cockpit

While European regulations state the minimum qualification for a captain is 1,500 flying hours, we require our captains to have at least 3,000 hours’ experience under their belts, and our minimum standard for pilots is 1,500 hours. This means your NetJets flight will always have two captain-standard pilots in the cockpit, so you can rest assured you’ll have a safe trip.

One private jet type per pilot 

The calibre of our pilots means they could comfortably fly many different types of private jet, but, at NetJets, we make sure they only specialise in one. This is so that their knowledge of a particular jet’s performance features and flight deck is accurate and intuitive, and your private jet experience is as smooth and secure as possible.

Industry-leading investment

Thanks to backing from Berkshire Hathaway, we are investing €750 million in pilot training and safety – a commitment unmatched anywhere in private aviation.  

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