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The NetJets Difference

NetJets is the smartest way to fly privately. As a NetJets owner, your travel experience is personalised and elevated – in every way that matters. With our fully personalised flights, the world’s largest fleet of private planes and the backing of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, NetJets offers benefits unmatched anywhere else in the sky.  

Imagine this. With access to a fleet of 700 private jets, you will be on your way to any of 5,000 airports worldwide in a matter of hours with a quick phone call or email to our 24/7 Owner Services team. We have the best trained pilots in the sky, who clock double the training hours of the industry standard. And, did we mention, the extraordinary comfort and care you can expect on every NetJets flight? 

NetJets combines the size and strength of a commercial airline with the comfort and personal commitment you can only find flying private – now that’s a distinctive combination.

Life as an Owner

The utmost in convenience. Unparallelled privileges. Shared flying costs. These are just some of the reasons why you should fly privately with NetJets.

Your Fleet

Select among our private fleet, and fly in the jet that’s right for you. The size, the brand, the design.  Take your pick.

Exceptional Pilots

With the world’s most experienced pilots and the utmost investment in safety, you can rest assured you are in the best hands with NetJets.

Your NetJets Team

When you need NetJets, NetJets will be there for you. From the time you pick up the phone till you touch down at your destination, you will be assisted by a committed and passionate operations team, pilots and representatives. Like our jets, they are available at all times, any time, to meet your needs. Like you, they understand what private aviation should be like – convenient, available and exquisite.

All you need do is call or email and we will have a member of staff ready to help you start your journey. 


Whether you want to indulge in a four-course gastronomic affair or feel more like a light and healthy snack, you’ll have plenty of choices with the extensive menu available on our jets.

Why NetJets

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