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NetJets Europe

Private Jet ownership

p> It’s a simple proposition: fractional business jet ownership is less complicated and less costly.

When NetJets created fractional aircraft ownership in 1986, something fundamental changed.

Instead of buying a private jet, you could buy a share in an aircraft based on the flying hours you actually need. Instead of owning a single jet, you got guaranteed access to the largest private fleet in the world. Instead of paying for every second your jet was parked on the tarmac, you could precisely control what you spent on flying.

Fractional ownership is simply a more intelligent approach to private aviation. It lets you enjoy all the benefits of flying privately, while only paying for the hours you fly.

There are two ways to join NetJets:

  •  Become a Shareowner by acquiring a share in a NetJets aircraft

You enjoy guaranteed access to your aircraft type or larger, anywhere in the world, at just 10 hours’ notice. Shares start from just 50 hours of flying per year – equivalent to a 1/16th share in an aircraft.

  • Become a Cardholder by purchasing a Private Jet Card

One upfront payment buys you 25 flying hours, with no capital cost and no commitment. We guarantee contractually that your aircraft will be available within 24 hours of your request.

If the solution that’s right for you isn’t immediately apparent, just talk to us. At NetJets, nothing is ‘off the shelf’. We’ll work with you to build an in-depth profile of your flying needs, and craft a programme that gives you the optimal balance of value, flexibility and performance.



The opportunities for flying with NetJets are unparalleled. Choose from a light cabin to a large cabin.


Our on-board experience is second to none

from entertainment and internet access to catering and comfort, we will prepare your flight experience to match your unique preferences.

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